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If i wanted to talk seriously or making a post about the new Super Smash Bross for the "WIIU" my personal description about it will be like fucking 6 hours long or so..

soooo...the only thing im gonna say "Zero Suit Samus looks so fuckyng sexy,and peach...she can get it too thoo!!


  • guys the P.T demo is not only a demo  its like made my the hell itself,i mean shit!!! is scary as fuck!! Hideo Kojima the creator of the Metal gear series know how to do his work! i cant wait to play the full game even if is scarier than the demo,and i i have to play it because im a gamer! 

in the P.T demo or the new "Silent Hills" there s a radio that you can listen to..sometimes you can hear a series of numbers "204863" there is not explcation what so ever to this series of numbers,some people say that is the birth date of Hideo Kojma but that isnt true...

in Japanese, they like to attribute syllables from the language to numbers (ie for phone numbers on commercials etc.)

Not to mention a LOT of Japanese horror games and movies have mysterious numbers that translate into syllables.

here's some of the most common attributions to the numbers:

2 = fu ni tsu
0 = o n to
4 = shi yo
8 = ha ba pa ya
6 = ro mu
3 = mi sa san

fu o yo ba ro mi

o fu ro ba mi yo

ofuroba miyo

ofuroba = the bathtub
miyo = older Japanese for "Look at" (commanding)

(for Japanese learners: "miro" and "miyou" are modern ways of saying it, but "miyo" (without the u) is the equivalent of modern "miro" in old Japanese)

"Look at the Bathtub"

Did anyone do that?



2013-11-21 18:24:43 by yairdjudas999

Samus how u can be soo epic and hot to the same time


It's me

I'm not good on videogames I'm just the Bersaker of the videogames

Samus it's soo hot!!

2013-11-14 19:32:35 by yairdjudas999

Samus it's super hot!!!

Samus it's soo hot!!

in the past two years i was working in a project called "EMOSworld"
Just thake a look

Maybe this is my future guys,i hope so

The day "Metroid" make my day..

2013-11-03 17:14:52 by yairdjudas999

Some of u like Metroid some of u dont,but i tell ya my friend if u born in the year 1980 or 1997 u win because the coolest and good games start in that age METROID
For me and my friends its the coolest female charecter on videogames history..ENJOY THE PICTURE..

The day "Metroid" make my day..

I don't know about u guys but I realy love the "Castlevania"series I have very good memories about this realy cool game...XD,and have a nice day"

I love "The Castlevania series"

I realy like pewdiepie,and endie games,retro games,

2013-11-03 12:17:28 by yairdjudas999

just for u information i realy like all videogames,and the retro games are all for me...XD thanks for read this....its something u know about me
Have a nice day

I realy like pewdiepie,and endie games,retro games,